About Bacau

Bacau is the capital of the county with the same name, situated in eastern part of Romania.
Geographical coordinates: 46 ° 35 'north latitude and 26 ° 55' east longitude.

Bacau is situated at an altitude of 151-181 meters.
According to a tour guide published in 1991, the city had an area of ​​41 km square, and it continues to expand.

Bacau is crossed by European road E85.
The International Airport "George Enescu" is located in SW part of Bacau, and it is an important gateway to various cities in Italy, Ireland, Spain, England and Belgium.

European City of Sport & Romanian Youth Capital in 2017

In November 2016, at the ECCSF (European Capitals and Cities of Sport Federation) Gala Awards, in Brussels, the city of Bacau was awarded the "European City of Sport". The title was given after a positive assessment of the potential of Bacau, performed a month before the Gala by ECCSF management.
Also in November 2016, in Timisoara, Bacau won the title of "Capital of Youth in Romania". On International Youth Day, 2017 May 2nd, Bacau officially became the Romanian Youth Capital for one year.

Bacau's territory was inhabited by humans since early stages of urban civilisations. Archaeologists made numerous discoveries among which two settlements from the Bronze Age: the Royal Court and another one in the north-west. Of course, in this area they have found other traces of human settlements from different periods, from Burebista, during the occupation of the Roman Empire in the 4th and 5th centuries, and the list could continue.
In the late 15th century, Alexandrel, one of his sons Stefan the Great, had established in Bacau for a few years. Under his orders the Royal Court was built here, whose ruins were discovered in 1967 and can be visited today in the "Precista" churchyard, known today as a historic monument.
The first documentary mention of the Royal Court dated April 20, 1491. Bacau was first documented in October 6, 1408, in a document issued at the time by Alexander the Good (1400- 1432), as the city and as customs point .

Bacau is rich in monuments of medieval, modern and contemporary architecture.
Besides a large number of churches, historic monuments, the town of Bacau has a unique sports facility, located near downtown. The sports center of the city includes the Olympic Swimming Hall, Athletics Hall, Polyvalent Sports Hall, Municipal Stadium (which is now under construction) and several tennis courts and training courts, which demonstrates that the sport was and still is a strength of Bacau.
Local athletes managed to bring many titles in different sports. Among the best known performers from Bacau we remind: Doina Melinte, one of the best athletes in the world, world and Olympic champion; Monica Rosu, gymnast, Olympic champion in O.G. Athens in 2004; and women's handball team "Stiinta" Bacau, who in 1989 won the Winners' Cup trophy.

Among the historic buildings that can be seen today there are: County Library building in downtown, built in 1774; No 1 Post Office building, built in 1930; "Bacovia" Municipal Theater Building, built in 1922, which hosts many events and shows; Administrative Palace, built between 1886 and 1889, with a special architecture, which today houses the prefecture and Bacau County Council; Decebal Hotel downtown, built in 1970 after the model of an American hotel. And the list could go on.

A lot of statues and monuments can be found in Bacau, mostly located in parks, depicting art, culture and even political personalities. Bacau also has some museums such as the Museum of History, Museum of Natural Sciences, the Vivarium and the Astronomical Observatory (recently rehabilitated and modernized). If you are passing through Bacau you should not miss visiting the "George Bacovia" Memorial House, which is the actual house where the famous poet lived. George Bacovia is considered the last great symbolist poet of Europe. You could also visit the "Nicu Enea" Memorial House, a painter and an important representative of Post-Impressionist school.
Bacau is recognized in the country for colleges and high schools that prepare students with exceptional results nationally and even internationally, and also for higher education institutions like "Vasile Alecsandri" University and the "George Bacovia" University.
These are just some of the important landmarks of the city of Bacau, a city that can offer you and enjoyable stay, entertainment and leisure.