Formations Details

Registration Steps

Fill in the registration form, available here.

In the form you will be asked for the following:
1. Info about the dance school/studio (name, city, country)
2. Info about the choreographer/coordinator (name, contact email and phone number)
3. Info about the formation (name, nb of members, group structure, age group and level category)
4. Info about the choreography (name, dance style)

* Also, through the form, you will give your GDPR consent and your consent for image/video use by the organizer.

Prepare the files you will have to send by email:
1. Pay the registration fee by bank transfer.
2. Fill in the table with the formation members (you can find it for download below on the page)
3. Prepare the video file.

In an email attach the files prepared in “Step 2”. Do not forget to specify in the e-mail the name of the formation and the category for which you are registering, so that we can associate the sent files with the registration.

Send the registration email to:


* Download the “Formation Members Table” from one of the links below. You have to fill it in and then attach it to the registration email:
Download in ODS format
Download in XLSX format
Download in PDF format

Registration Validation

The registration will be validated after you go through the 3 steps and our team will make the necessary checks. If you will not receive any confirmation within a maximum of 2 days from sending the email, please contact us by phone, at +4 0742 082 587.