Friday, June 1st

Venue: to be announced.

Schedule: to be announced.

* The schedule is not fixed. It will be adjusted depending on the number of registrations. The definitive schedule will be announced after the registration period is ended.


Open until: Friday, May 25.
By email at: .
* If you do not receive a confirmation of your registration, please contact us by phone: +40742 082 587.

Registered formations: here.


formations (5 or more pers.): 30 RON/person
solo, duet, trio, cvartet: 60 RON/person

* Taxes can be paid at Adamas Dance Academy reception (map), during our working schedule, until Thursday, May 31st; or on competition day, at the venue, according to the schedule.


formations (min. 5 persons), solo, duo, trio, cvartet

Age groups
4-7, 8-11, 12-15, over 16

dancesport, streetdance/urban dances style, Zumba, (traditional) folk dances, character, ballet, contemporary, rhythmic, thematic dance, cheerleaders, persons w/ disabilities.


Please read the rules below in order to enjoy the best possible conditions at our event and to avoid possible delays and other inconveniences.

Registration conditions
  • When registering, the following info is required:
    - formation name
    - age group
    - coordinator's full name
    - coordinator's contact details
    - formation's city and club/school
    - section attended and dance's duration
    - name and year of birth of each athlete
  • A formation can dance in multiple sections.
  • A formation can participate with only one dance number per section.
  • Props
  • Using props that might damage the dance floor (confetti, sharp objects, etc.) is strictly forbidden.
  • If props are needed it is required to have organizers approval in order to use them.
  • Choreography
  • Figures w/ injury risk are not allowed. Lifts are allowed up to 1 and 1/2 high pyramids.
  • The choreography must be adapted to dance's theme and to correspond to dancers' age group. Formations using indecent moves will be disqualified.
  • Costumes
  • The outfits have to cover the intimate areas:
    - bikini line must dress buttocks.
    - breasts have to be covered, and the distance between bra cups can be max. 5 cm.
    - materials covering private parts should not be transparent or skin-like colored.
    - the top line of the skirt or trousers must cover the top of the gluteal muscles (intergluteal line should not be visible).
  • Dancers must not wear shoes or other accessories that can damage the surface dance (metallic heels or soles, chains, etc.).
  • Removing clothing items during the choreography is not allowed.
  • Outfits must be appropriate to dance's theme and dancers' group age. Formations w/ indecent costumes or that do not follow these rules will be disqualified.